Since September, 2008, Timothy C. Pfeifer has been President of Pfeifer Advisory LLC, offering expertise in retirement product and life insurance design, market strategy, product pricing, and cutting-edge innovation. Pfeifer Advisory consults with the majority of the nation's large and mid-sized life insurers and many distribution companies in these business areas.


Tim has been active in the financial services industry for nearly 35 years. He has been a consultant to life insurance companies, banks, marketing organizations, regulators, mutual fund companies, and settlement companies since 1986.

From 1986 to 1991, Mr. Pfeifer worked at the Chicago office of Tillinghast, a Towers Perrin Company, an internationally known consulting firm, where he became the firm's practice leader in annuity products at the time of his departure in 1991.

In 1991, Mr. Pfeifer joined the Chicago office of Milliman, Inc. the nation's largest actuarial firm serving the insurance industry to start a new practice in the area of life insurance and annuities product and market development. In this role, Mr. Pfeifer grew the new practice, such that the practice's client base included virtually every major life insurance company in the United States, and most of the major mutual fund families. The type of work generated by Pfeifer's practice was a combination of more traditional quantitative actuarial work (pricing and modeling), as well as more strategic, market-focused qualitative work (e.g., market direction, product appeal).